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We can also teach you (and your colleagues) how to become better science communicators with one of our workshops.

Liesbeth and Stephan master the art of clearly presenting complex concepts.

Their work on infographics and websites for my projects has made my activities and projects more meaningful for use in schools on a daily basis.

Marco Snoek, Lector Learning & Innovation


For researchers at every step of their career:


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See how we work by reading about three scientists and their requests for science communication:

Stap 1

It starts with a scientist’s question

Science communication

I take part in an EU research project or received a grant for my work. How do inform our public about the research?

Professor with an important message

Impact on society

I would like to inspire decision makers with my newest research findings. How do I tell my story to maximize the chances of making an impact on society?

Researcher who wants to make impact


I have to give an important lecture. How do I write my story and make my presentation, so that I will be the talk of the day?

Professor wishing to leave an impression

Stap 2

Discuss your project with
The Online Scientist

We have dedicated our careers to science communication, and worked with a wide variety of scientists with all kinds of goals. So when you come to us with your question we help you with the most time- and cost-effective solution for your project, while making sure that the science stays accurate.

Founders Stephan van Duin & Liesbeth Smit

Stap 3

A result to be proud of

Website & animated video for a research group

Prof. Michel Vols received an ERC Starting Grant and wanted to showcase his research and team, and to build a network with other researchers. In other words, he wanted a website that could invite other researchers to work with him on his important research.

We build a unique website for him with a blog functionality and a team page There they frequently post updates on the latest research. We also created an animated video that tells the story of what their research is trying to achieve. And of course we also created a presentation template for a professional look.

The Online Scientist - Voeding en Kanker Website

Infographic & scrollytelling website campaign

We’ve worked with dr. Famke Mölenberg before to create engaging infographics and videos. This time, Famke wanted to create more impact with her research on the effects of second-hand smoking in children.

Her aim was to activate policymakers, so we created a campaign to show the evidence and benefits of banning smoking from cars with children in it.

We helped to write a story and created an infographic that captured the essence of her research. We also sponsored a scrollytelling website ( and social media cards. It resulted in a letter to parliament and ongoing efforts to make this legislation possible.

Writing & design for a professor’s farewell address

For every scientist, also the highly regarded profs, there comes a time to say goodbye when they retire. Prof. René Bindels was no exception, and he had a nice parting event to look forward to. But even with all his experience giving lectures and presentations, René realized that his farewell lecture should be a different one.

He wanted to make impact with a story that was both reflective and insightful, one that had something to offer to his family, but also his academic peers. We worked with him to shape his story as well as the presentation slides, and the result is a clear presentation that earned him a huge applause.

What did our clients think of it?

Liesbeth is great to work with. She has built a great website, is creative and critical.

You get a professional website and style guide that is not a dime a dozen. I definitely recommend working with The Online Scientist.

prof. dr. Michel Vols, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Thanks to The Online Scientist we transformed the output of a comprehensive research project into a short and convincing story that can easily be told by others. Together we decided on the audience, main messages and the products needed to make an impact. I really enjoyed the interactions and all the creative ideas to better convey my message. I will definitely use the learnings for future projects.

Dr. Famke Mölenberg, Erasmus MC

It has been a very instructive and enjoyable job to get this farewell speech together. I thank Liesbeth and Stephan for the support, inspiration and help they offered. I received a lot of praise for the presentation, both about the content and the visualization. The overall picture was impressive according to many. Thank you for the pleasant and inspiring collaboration.

prof. dr. René Bindels, Radboudumc

These are some of the organizations that worked with us to improve their science communication: