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“The scientific background of Liesbeth and Stephan made it a very pleasant collaboration. They always came up with creative and appropriate solutions that helped our project stand out.”


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It starts with a scientist’s question

Science communication

How do I inform the public about nutrition and cancer, without coming across as boring or lose nuance?

Professor with an important message

Online teaching

I’m too busy to give all these theoretical classroom lectures. Is there a way to make this course more effective while saving me time?

Professor with a busy schedule


I must give an important lecture. How do I make my presentation stand out, so that I will be the talk of the day among my peers?

Professor wishing to leave an impression
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Discuss your project with
The Online Scientist

When you come to us with your question we help you with the most time- and cost-effective solution for your project, while making sure that the science stays accurate.

We know how important it is to do science communication right. Actually, it is important enough for us to dedicate our careers to it! We are now working full-time with academics who want to create an impact with a certain audience, but who may lack the skills, time or (technical) knowledge to do everything themselves.

Founders Stephan van Duin & Liesbeth Smit

Stap 3

A result to be proud of

These professors chose to work with us to make an impact.

They got thousands of hits on their website, freed up time in their schedule and gave the ‘talk of the town’.

The Online Scientist - Voeding en Kanker - websites

Website: science communication on cancer

Professor Ellen Kampman wanted to develop a website containing reliable, evidence-based information on nutrition and cancer. It had to be an attractive website for everyone, and one that could compete with commercial sites while presenting scientific knowledge correctly.

This resulted in the Voeding & Kanker website: a platform for questions from the general public about this difficult subject. The website provides the most recent scientific insights without being boring or patronizing. It serves thousands of visitors a day, and is recommended by health professionals as a good source of information.

more about science websites
The Online Scientist - Voeding en Kanker Website

E-learning about sensory research

Professor Kees de Graaf was giving the same, theoretical lectures about sensory research every year. He didn’t see the added value of giving them anymore, and the students were not very enthusiastic in their feedback either.

The solution we had for him was an e-learning course. We transformed the content of the lecture into interactive assignments and questions that the students could study and complete in their own time. This resulted in an emptier schedule for the professor, while the students showed an improved understanding of the difficult matter.

more about e-learning for science education
The Online Scientist - Presentation design

Prof. Frans Kok’s science presentation

For every highly regarded scientist there comes a time to say goodbye – mostly semiofficial – when the superannuation starts. With his experience in giving lectures he thought he knew how his farewell address should look. He was very conscious about the potential impact of such a lecture, so naturally he wanted to maximize the result.

We helped Frans with the design of this slides, by providing him with a formatted design, and also assisting him in which information to put on the slides. This resulted in a clear presentation that was a hot topic during the party afterwards.

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What did our clients think of it?

We feel that The Online Scientist was a tremendous help in the making of this attractive website.
Stephan provided direction in answering the questions; what is the level of the reader, how do you structure your message and what are the traits of a readable article? Liesbeth made sure the design, content and navigation of the website was complementary to the content.

Prof. Ellen Kampman and Merel van Veen, Wageningen University

Thanks to The Online Scientist we have been able to create a beautiful e-module in short time, and one that our students love as well. The contact with Liesbeth and Stephan was smooth and pleasant.
They were able to think along with our wishes, and the transformation of learning goals to an interactive module. I can definitely recommend this cooperation to others!

Dr. Sanne Boesveldt, Assistant Professor Sensory Science,Wageningen University

I wanted the farewell address celebrating the end of my term as a professor Nutrition and Health to be groomed to perfection. I thought I had enough experience in giving lectures, speeches and media appearances to be prepared for this. I asked the Online Scientist to have a quick look at it. I was rather irritated when Liesbeth pointed out all the things that could be improved, because I’d been doing this myself for years. But I found out how important the layout and catchy graphics are to get the message across to a mixed audience. They did a great job, I received many compliments from the 650 attendees.

Prof. Frans Kok, Emeritus Professor Wageningen University

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