The Online Scientist is
10 years old!

How did we become The Online Scientist? And what have we done over the last decade? Let us take you on our journey!

The Online Scientist is 10 years old!

Over this last decade, we’ve created 145 websites, developed hundreds of e-learning pages, and contributed to more than 10 science festivals, TV-shows and museum exhibitions.

We have written for over 100 websites, reports, awards, orations and leaflets, and designed over 25 infographics and presentations.

And to share our skills, we also gave dozens of workshops all over Europe.

What can we do for you in the next ten years?

How it all started…in 2012

2012 – Our first logo!

You can tell that we’ve improved our design skills ;)

What we looked like back then :)


New Year greetings

We still like to make puns like these ;)

Creative marketing

More puns and fun graphics to get people to notice us.

Our first professional photoshoot


Becoming The Online Scientist

We were doing so much more than websites that we needed to rebrand a bit. A new website was in the making:

New logo

We had to try out fifty shades of turquoise to make sure it was right

We started blogging about scicomm

to help researchers get more out of their work.

We traveled the world to spread the word

Keynote presentation impact science communication

We started our workshop series

And we hope to continue this for many years to come!

We want to thank everyone that helped us on this journey. From the first researchers that believed in us and stuck with us throughout the years, to all the new people we met recently.

Liesbeth & Stephan

What can we do for you in the next 10 years?