At The Online Scientist we understand how valuable new scientific studies are, and that even the best research can be overlooked without a good communication strategy. We write, design and develop online tools for a variety of audiences: from potential study participants to fellow academics (and if you’re lucky even a talk show host!).
We have experience with all of these audiences, making us the perfect partner to help you reach yours.
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tos-quotesWe make sure that your research is presented in a accurate and user-friendly way, always with the reader in mind. 

The scientific background of Liesbeth and Stephan, and the good cooperation and interaction with them, has led to a beautiful outcome of this extensive and complex project; the Seven Countries Study.

Prof.dr.ir. Daan Kromhout, Wageningen University

We think that Liesbeth and Stephan, as The Online Scientist, have helped us tremendously. Not only did they think along with us about the structure of the website, but they also made a fitting design. Stephan gave us directions on how to answer questions from website visitors; what level of knowledge do you assume, how to structure a post and make it attractive to read? Liesbeth made sure that the design and the structure of the website were suitable for the content.

Prof. Ellen Kampman, Wageningen University
Liesbeth Smit Wetenschapscommunicatie The Online Scientist


Cofounder & Creative director

After completing my master’s degree in Nutrition and Health at Wageningen University I did research on the effects of trans fatty acids on cardiovascular disease at Harvard School of Public Health and VU University in Amsterdam. At Harvard I gained experience with web design and science communication.

My mission is to make (nutrition) science sexy and easy to understand by using user-friendly and intuitive interactive designs, whether it’s an online academic course or a research website, because science should be accessible to everyone.

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Stephan van Duin Wetenschapscommunicatie The Online Scientist


Cofounder & business director

I graduated as a biologist with minors in communication and business management at Wageningen University, while also having specialized in the dissemination of science at the University of California in Berkeley. I enjoy the process of understanding complex matters and being able to present them in a comprehensible way, and my education mirrors that.

My vision is that science and society can benefit from clear science communication, and that IT can aid this development in various ways, from science websites for the public to academic e-learning for students.

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Before we started helping other scientists with their science communication, we showed that we could also disseminate our own areas of expertise to a large audience. We wrote popular scientific books and articles about our own scientific expertise and appeared on Dutch national television and radio:

Contact us when you’re interested in having us on your radio or television show, want to interview us, need an engaging speaker/workshop for your conference or want sponsoring for your impact of science project.

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The Online Scientist & Impact of Science

At The Online Scientist we’re always thinking about ways to improve science communication. That’s why we’re actively engaged in the global discussion about the impact of science, attend conferences, and also speak about these topics or give interactive sessions at conferences.

Among other things we’re contributing to the debate about the future of nutrition science and have sponsored their website: www.nutritionintransition.nl. We’ve also organised sessions for science journalists on how to improve their science communication, for example at the ECSJ 2017 conference. And for teenagers we’ve developed a Summer Science Camp where they can get a taste of scientific research and learn about various disciplines.