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A professional website for your EU project

Communication and dissemination are important topics for any H2020 project. We are specialised in communication strategy and practice and can build you a website that stands out from others and has impact!

We are currently the communication partner for the SODaH project: H2020 call Space 2018-2020 to develop a Software-defined space Optical Data Highway

Visit www.sodahconstellation.eu

Our tips for EU research dissemination

Communication strategy for H2020 calls

Creating an impact

European subsidy programs are not just about the excellence of science anymore. There is more and more attention for the impact a project has as well. This means that calls have increasing requirements for a solid strategy to communicate about the project and its results. To cater to these more developed communication and dissemination strategies – in short, DEC strategies – we offer our services as a communication partner in your project. Our specialities extend throughout the life science and medical fields, but if your project is in a different discipline we’re happy to discuss the options.

Informing all the stakeholders

When we come in as a communication partner for your Horizon 2020 project, we will do a thorough analysis of the stakeholders, and come up with detailed and optimal communication strategies to inform these groups. This makes sure that your project proposal will tick the important boxes with the reviewers, but also that the results of the project will actually resonate with the European population.

Make your H2020 proposal stand out!

Getting your H2020 project noticed means standing out with a good proposal too. We offer our services not only for the project but also for the Horizon 2020 proposal itself. Enhancing your proposal using infographics, for example, already ensures that your submission will be an eye-catcher!

A website: the basis for DEC in H2020

Every project needs to have an online presence, so we will build websites for any Horizon 2020 project – whether we are a partner or not. From there, we can build and expand the communication strategy for your H2020 proposal. (And a website with our knowledge of SEO will make sure you tick another box for the H2020 reviewers!)

Communicating with stakeholders in H2020 projects

The Online Scientist: the force behind tailor-made science communication strategies

Not only can we come up with the communication strategy itself, we have the skills to follow up as well. Our services include websites, e-learning, infographics, and presentations, or more informal products like events, exhibits and meetings. This means that we can determine which strategy works best for which stakeholder, but also give hands and feet to that strategy in a practical sense. We always use storytelling techniques in our communication to convey the message in an enticing way.

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