Creative storytelling campaigns

Do you want to make an impact with your story and make the world a better place? We can create campaigns to activate your audience to take action.

We help with concept, texts, design and technology to create engaging infographics, social media carousels, or scrollytelling websites (see below).

Read more about two of the campaigns we built for Bits of Freedom and the GREENS/EFA.

Examples of our scrollytelling campaigns

For the Greens/EFA we created an EU campaign around the Digital Services Act. We went all out with a retro design, interactivity & storytelling about online manipulation. Inspired by the design of Windows95.
For Bits of Freedom we created their campaign website around online censorship, profiling & dark patterns called “Korte Cursus Manipulatie”. They were an amazing client and it was so much fun developing this incredibly creative scrollytelling website. We helped them with the concept, storytelling and writing engaging texts as well as create the design and all interactions.

For a group of researchers at Erasmus MC we created an infographic and a scrollytelling website with their story. It’s a national campaign to urge the government to create new legislation to ban smoking in cars when children are present. It resulted in a letter to parliament and ongoing efforts to make this legislation possible.

Based on research from a PhD candidate working on equity in medical school admissions, we created campaign cards to use on social media. She wanted to convince policy makers to take action. We also sponsored a scrollytelling campaign for this important topic.

Nominated for beste website 2022!

Korte Cursus Manipulatie

For privacy rights organization Bits of Freedom I developed a national campaign about online manipulation. I worked on the concept, texts and developed the style, website, animations, social media campaign and even a TV commercial!

Scrollytelling website

A fun way to tell a story is with a website where you read the story while scrolling. This is also known as scrollytelling.

For this website we used 3D elements that slowly come into view and move along with your mouse.

Animated TV commercial

We also created the TV commercial used to promote the campaign. We wrote a new script to tell the whole story in 36 seconds.

Liesbeth always came up with creative and appropriate solutions and played a major role in the creative process. She was also able to guide us in that process where necessary, by asking necessary questions or presenting a number of options to map out the possibilities.

Esther Crabbendam, Bits of Freedom

Social media package

Of course you also want to promote such a fun campaign on social media. I created a set of animated GIFs and all kinds of images to share on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Nominated for best website 2022!

From thousands of websites, this one was nominated for best website 2022 by Elementor.

Fantastic campaign, one of the best I’ve seen in 10 years. Sleek design, clear language, clear message. I have been working in this field for ten years and I know how difficult it is to make this kind of technical subject understandable and attractive to the general public. This is really fantastic!!

A future without manipulation

The European party the GREENS/EFA asked me to create their EU campaign about the upcoming Digital Services Act (a new law to ban surveillance-based advertising).

One of the most fun projects ever where I could go wild with the design, interactivity and storytelling. Inspired by the design of Windows95 (with Clippy!).

Report cover design

The campaign was based on a scientific study. I designed the cover of the report in the same style as the website.

Recreated the Windows95 desktop

Because I love a challenge, I recreated the desktop from Windows95, with Clippy and an inbox. Everything works. Try it yourself!

Scrollytelling website in Windows95 design

My client’s briefing was full of retro GIFs. That’s why I chose to create a design based on Windows95, with those irritating pop-ups to show how annoying it is when your privacy is compromised.

Thanks to Liesbeth, we managed to simplify a difficult topic to our audience. The website looks fun and engaging for anyone who would like to know more about online manipulation. Her creativity, willingness to understand our needs and concerns enable us to build a website that reflects our visual identity and our goals. I highly recommend her and I hope to work with her on other projects in the future.

Narmine Abou Bakari, Privacy and Data Protection Legal Counsel GREENS/EFA

The response on social media

Do you also have a topic for a creative campaign? Contact us!

Tell me about your project! I like to brainstorm with you at an early stage about the concept, the texts, the style and the interactive elements. Don’t worry about the technique. I build everything myself, and make it easy for you to adapt in the future.