Designs & infographics

Work with us to design beautiful and clear infographics, posters, reports, flyers, videos, animations, and PowerPoint presentations from your research paper.

We don’t just make things pretty. We dive into your topic of expertise to make sure we understand your research. Then we extract the essence and create modern, innovative, user-friendly designs to make sure that people will remember you and your research.

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Turn your data into clear visuals


We understand your work, so we can help transform your research into clear, beautiful visuals. Infographics have their own place in science communication because they say more than photos or text by themselves. Use them in your articles, lectures and (poster) presentations, or on your website and social media!

It’s very easy: just send us your research paper. We will extract your main message from it and develop it into an infographic that conveys your message in a design that fits your organisation.

The Online Scientist really works together with you to make your research accessible to a wide audience. They are very creative, quick to reply, and developed designs that align perfectly with existing ideas and materials. The design of the infographic they developed for us therefore fits very nicely into the design of a larger project.

Sanne Rumping, Researcher, Hogeschool van Amsterdam

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Science communication packages for impact

Sometimes you need to create impact with multiple audiences, and a single infographic is not enough. We can also develop an array of design materials around your research topic. Such as a combination of a report, website, animation video & infographic.

For the researchers at the HvA we designed their research report, to make it look less like a Word document. However, it was still 180 pages, so we also added a summary brochure and infographic for people with less time to read. We incorporated this all into a website to promote all these products.

Liesbeth and Stephan listened very carefully to our wishes, translated them into designs and texts that were understandable and visibly highly attractive. Their greatest asset is their ability to communicate clearly and constantly address the various professional voices involved by translating between the different audiences. Many thanks to you both.

Esther Captain, former head of Centre for Applied Research on Education, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

The clear presentation of complex concepts or processes is an art in which the people of The Online Scientist excel. I have worked with them on three projects I am intensively involved in. Liesbeth and Stephan have succeeded in presenting the results of research and development processes around the role of teachers in a visually attractive and clear manner.  That has helped us to get our message across to teachers and school leaders! Their work on infographics and websites for these projects have made my activities and projects more meaningful for day to day practice in schools.

– Marco Snoek, Lector Leren & Innoveren, Kenniscentrum Onderwijs en Opvoeding, Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Animated videos

We help you design any dynamic content, from social media GIFs to animation videos to explain a scientific project. Give us a call to brainstorm about solutions for your project!

Or watch our entire video portfolio on YouTube.

Campaign (TV) video Bits of Freedom

For privacy organization Bits of Freedom we’ve developed not only the website for their Short Course on Manipulation, but also their social media campaign & this animation video that was published on national television!

Animated video EVICT research project

The researchers from the EVICT project wanted to tell their audience about the work they were doing and why it’s important. We developed a creative animation video in their corporate style.

HvA research project on diversity

For a qualitative research study on diversity among teachers at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, we developed a report with video where we put the stories of the teachers in the spotlight.

Policy effects during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the researchers of CEPHIR (for which we also developed the logo & many infographics), we created a video with the results of their study to promote change from local policymakers.

Introduction of the Nutrition Scientists Academy

For my own organization I created the video to show the benefits of becoming a member. With an overview of events, smooth animations and background music including a voice-over.

Using origami with material & health sciences

Innovative researchers at Wageningen University asked us to create an animated video showing how they use origami to solve societal problems like gastrointestinal diseases. We created a nice video to show off their work.

Liesbeth always came up with creative and appropriate solutions. Because Liesbeth also took on the design of the web site, she played a major role in the creative process. She was also able to guide us in that process where necessary, by asking the necessary questions or presenting a number of options to map out the possibilities. Without Liesbeth, the website would not have turned out half as great as it is.

– Esther Crabbendam, campaigner Bits of Freedom

Liesbeth is great to work with. She is creative and critical. She built us a professional website and animation video that will definitely stand out among other websites. I definitely recommend working with Liesbeth.

– prof. mr. dr. Michel Vols, EVICT, University of Groningen

I have had the pleasure to work with Liesbeth to finalize a research project at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. She created the best design for a research report and animated video. I will use her services and ideas again to communicate future research results.

– Bas Agricola, Hogeschooldocent HU

Well-written copy to support your message


A lot of what we do is writing, and while it’s often part of something bigger like a poster or website, we can also just deliver written copy. We’re trained in the understanding of difficult topics, and our journalistic experience and approach ensures that we define and clarify your message in the best way. If you want to produce content over a longer extend of time, we can also help you to write user-friendly and understandable texts for the web yourself.

  • Professional texts for websites or print materials
  • Native English and Dutch texts
  • Translations at an academic level
  • Anything from subsidy applications to museum exhibit signs!

Want to learn how to write better yourself? Book our workshop on the basics of science communication for your department or students.