Presentation design ebook & design package

A practical guide to design science presentations that engage & inspire

Improve your science presentation and stand out from the crowd with the best presentation design at any conference.

This practical book – by scientists, for scientists – helps you get rid of slides full of data and present with clarity instead.

  • Develop a clear goal and message that sticks until long after you wrap up.

  • Write a story that keeps the audience engaged instead of asleep.

  • Design better slides that communicate effectively, with PowerPoint or any other software.

  • Get new presentation ideas for graphs, tables and data slides without chart junk.

  • With real-life examples of good and bad slides.

Includes a PowerPoint template & tutorial

Get the ebook in combination with the design package that includes a fully customizable PowerPoint template and instructions so you can create your presentation in minutes!

The template is licensed only for end-users (or a single presentation). If you want to create a custom template for your entire institute, contact us for a quote.

123 pages | PDF | Ebook + PowerPoint template

At some point I thought “Oh my god this is so much it’s never going to work for me”. But today, I started with the PowerPoint template and created my color palette, master slides, and finally my presentation. And it was so much fun! I really enjoyed the design work for the presentation – it’s almost a pity that, now that I have my master slides, there will not be much design work to do in the future…

Presentation Design & Template


  • Ebook Presentation design

  • PowerPoint template for researchers, with 28 pre-designed slides, 22 slide master layouts, 100+ icons, and fully customizable design & color scheme.

  • Video tutorial on how to use the slide master

  • Slide design inspiration guide

An ebook that helps you tell a story about science

Scientific articles are rarely very smooth reading material. That’s why we propose a new way of building your story – one that fits the medium of a presentation! We will walk you through this with various presentation techniques, so that you end up with an amazing science presentation that sticks and clicks with any audience.

Practical tips on how to improve your slides – with examples!

A lot of science presentations are based on scientific papers. And of course it’s good to have a solid basis for what you are saying. But it’s distracting to copy and paste entire tables with descriptions onto slides! In this ebook you will learn how to present data in a visually attractive and easy-to-grasp way – with examples.

We collaborated with the Online Scientist for a series of presentations for an online event about a scientific innovation project. The team at the Online Scientist was very hands on and helpful with both the design and content of the presentations. We now have clear and to-the-point slides on a very scientific topic, making the presentations more impactful.”

Sophia Rehn, EUFIC

Build presentations mega-fast with our PowerPoint template

We’ve spend weeks creating the ultimate PowerPoint template so you can build slides in seconds. It includes all resources to build a captivating presentation without too much text and bullet-points.

  • 28 pre-designed slide examples

  • 22 slide master layouts

  • Dozens of graphs, diagrams, and maps

  • 100+ vector icons in your own color scheme

  • fully customizable design & color scheme

For my farewell address at Wageningen University I wanted to give a presentation that would not only be interesting for colleagues but also for family and friends. I asked The Online Scientist to help me make a crystal clear presentation, and they suggested to use a timeline and very clear, self-explanatory titles. This meant a totally different approach for me, but we did it and the result was astonishing. I want to give The Online Scientist a lot of compliments for their outspoken opinion on how to make a presentation, but also for their capacity to listen and for the way they work with their clients.”

Prof. Daan Kromhout, Emeritus professor Wageningen University

The authors

I’ve never seen a more beautiful presentation than the presentation by Liesbeth. She has a talent for design, and she knows how to make beautiful, clear and powerful slides. In addition, Liesbeth is a top performer in the field of presentation. She speaks enthusiastically about her expertise. She gives lots of examples, clear advice and knows how to present complex matters in an attractive way.

Marloes Ten Kate, presentation coach
Headshot Liesbeth Smit Wetenschapscommunicatie The Online Scientist

Liesbeth Smit

I make science sexy and want to help researchers create more impact with their work. That’s why I taught myself design and web development during my research and PhD in nutrition science at Harvard School of Public Health and VU University.

Since founding The Online Scientist in 2012, I’ve created over 150 websites and dozens of infographics, animated video and e-learning courses for researchers all over the world. My goal is to make their research output more user-friendly and intuitive with interactive designs that puts a smile on your face.

Stephan van Duin Wetenschapscommunicatie The Online Scientist

Stephan van Duin

I started in science communication right after graduating as a biologist, and I now commit myself to improving the discipline of science communication or ‘scicomm’ even further. Not only by working for scientists and giving workshops, but also as co-chairman of the Dutch science communication association SciCom NL. One of my goals is to connect the practice of scicomm to the academic research.

My vision is that both science and society can benefit from clear science communication when it’s done the right way.