Our design portfolio

The only thing that really speaks is data. So have a look at ours! From TV-shows to infographics, and from websites to orations. See for yourself how we used writing, design, technology and science communication skills to help other scientists make an impact.

Websites & creative storytelling

Browse through our work and see how a well-made website can make a difference for your cause:

Personal websites & start-ups

For a PhD student, two professors and a lecturer

A personal website is a great way to maintain an online presence that is easily shareable and independent of labs, consortia or other joint efforts. We created personal websites for a variety of professors, some of whom used it to present their key papers and lectures, while others showcased their books and media appearances. What will you put on there?

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Creative campaigns

For Bits of Freedom, the Greens/EFA and research groups

Do you want to have a real impact? Are you not afraid to get creative and think out-of-the box? We LOVE developing creative campaign websites for topics that make the world a better place!

For the Greens/EFA we created an EU campaign around the Digital Services Act. We went all out with a retro design, interactivity & storytelling about online manipulation. Inspired by the design of Windows95.
For Bits of Freedom we created their campaign website around online censorship, profiling & dark patterns called “Korte Cursus Manipulatie”. They were an amazing client and it was so much fun developing this incredibly creative scrollytelling website. We helped them with the concept, storytelling and writing engaging texts as well as create the design and all interactions.

For a group of researchers at Erasmus MC we created an infographic and a scrollytelling website with their story. It’s a national campaign to urge the government to create new legislation to ban smoking in cars when children are present. It resulted in a letter to parliament and ongoing efforts to make this legislation possible.

Based on research from a PhD candidate working on equity in medical school admissions, we created campaign cards to use on social media. She wanted to convince policy makers to take action. We also sponsored a scrollytelling campaign for this important topic.

EU consortium or departmental website

VU University, Leiden University, Wageningen University, Erasmus University, H2020

A lot of scientific research is conducted in consortia or public-private partnerships. A website for such a joint effort serves a number of purposes: it satisfies the outreach requirements of subsidy programs like H2020, informs the public and the media about the project’s progress and results, and serves as a platform that facilitates the cooperation between the institutions involved.

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Public awareness website

Wageningen University, NSWO, COSMIN

If you are on a mission to inform the public, why not use a website as the interface? It’s a great way to present information in a clear and understandable way to a huge audience, while also making sure you can update it when needed. With these types of projects, we tend to go further than just building the website, and help the scientists to engage the public.

For an example of wiki page about burn care, see basicsofburncare.org

Research website

Erasmus MC, Sport Data Valley, NKI

A website can serve an ongoing study or research project by recruiting participants and informing them about the background and helping them get in touch with you or, in some cases, a support group. It simultaneously informs the public, media outlets and policy makers, and serves as a legacy for when the experiments are over and the results have to be published.

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Writing & Science advisor

Often a hidden treasure, but science writing is an essential part of good communication. See some examples of our writing, and how we connect media to scientific experts.

Writing & editing

Utrecht University, Radboudumc, TNO, TU Delft, ProQR, NLR, HvA, Ammodo

Good writing is often hiding in plain sight, and it’s an essential part of good communication! We can help you write or rewrite anything related to outreach within or around science: orations, brochures, websites, interviews, reports, press releases, proposals, scripts, social media posts and even books. And the beauty of it is, we can help you just as much as you want to, from the whole setup to just the finishing touches.

Science advisor and liaison

NCB Naturalis, Stedelijk Museum Breda, Joël Broekaert, 5 Uur Live, NRC, Amsterdam UMC

Who wouldn’t want to showcase science to a huge audience in a museum or on TV?! Well, we love it and have done it various times. In some cases we were visible ourselves in interviews, but most of the time we operate behind the screens. We make sure that the presenter or exhibition is up to date with the latest science, but in a way that is suitable for these media. We also connect media to scientific experts, or show scientists how they can work with the media. It’s one of our favorite things to do, so if you need a science consultant or advisor, let us know.

Interactive online tool

For Louise Elffers at the HvA (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) we developed an interactive online tool based on her research that helps universities improve the accessibility of higher education. The tool is available at www.toegankelijkheidhbo.nl

We really enjoyed working with Liesbeth. It was certainly not an easy assignment, but Liesbeth took a firm hold of it, thought carefully and critically and always asked the right questions. As a result, there is now a wonderful online tool that not only makes us very happy ourselves, but has also started to work enthusiastically with many teachers!

Louise Elffers, Lecturer Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)


We develop infographics for even the most complex topics. For any audience, scientific colleagues or the general public.

The clear presentation of complex concepts or processes is an art in which Liesbeth and Stephan of The Online Scientist excel. We worked together in three projects and they have succeeded in presenting the results of my research into the teacher leadershop in a visually attractive and well-organized way. That has helped us to get our message across to teachers and school leaders! Their work on infographics and websites for these projects have made my activities and projects more meaningful for day to day practice in schools.

– Marco Snoek, Lector Leren & Innoveren, Kenniscentrum Onderwijs en Opvoeding, Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Animate your infographic!

For Sport Data Valley, we developed an animated infographic. Sports is all about movement, so why not add some movement to stand out!

Mini-science stories

If want something simple and compact, we can turn your story into a collection of social media cards, an (animated) carousel for social media, or a scroll-website showing your research findings.

A story carousel for social media

For researchers at the Erasmus University we created a mini-story about the results of their research. These are easy to share on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

From the original LinkedIn post you can click trough, we also created an animated GIF and a video with the voice-over from the researcher herself.

Social media cards

You can also split up an infographic into social media cards, that are easier to share. See the Drive Smoke Free campaign we created.

We will help write a story based on the research and create engaging cards to help get the message across. Works well on LinkedIn, Twitter and Mastodon!

Animated video

We help you design any dynamic content, from social media GIFs to animation videos to explain a scientific project. Give us a call to brainstorm about solutions for your project!

Or watch our entire video portfolio on YouTube.

Campaign (TV) video Bits of Freedom

For privacy organization Bits of Freedom we’ve developed not only the website for their Short Course on Manipulation, but also their social media campaign & this animation video that was published on national television!

Animated video EVICT research project

The researchers from the EVICT project wanted to tell their audience about the work they were doing and why it’s important. We developed a creative animation video in their corporate style.

HvA research project on diversity

For a qualitative research study on diversity among teachers at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, we developed a report with video where we put the stories of the teachers in the spotlight.

Policy effects during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the researchers of CEPHIR (for which we also developed the logo & many infographics), we created a video with the results of their study to promote change from local policymakers.

Introduction of the Nutrition Scientists Academy

For my own organization I created the video to show the benefits of becoming a member. With an overview of events, smooth animations and background music including a voice-over.

Using origami with material & health sciences

Innovative researchers at Wageningen University asked us to create an animated video showing how they use origami to solve societal problems like gastrointestinal diseases. We created a nice video to show off their work.

Liesbeth always came up with creative and appropriate solutions. Because Liesbeth also took on the design of the web site, she played a major role in the creative process. She was also able to guide us in that process where necessary, by asking the necessary questions or presenting a number of options to map out the possibilities. Without Liesbeth, the website would not have turned out half as great as it is.

Esther Crabbendam, campaigner Bits of Freedom

Liesbeth is great to work with. She is creative and critical. She built us a professional website and animation video that will definitely stand out among other websites. I definitely recommend working with Liesbeth.

prof. mr. dr. Michel Vols, EVICT, University of Groningen

I have had the pleasure to work with Liesbeth to finalize a research project at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. She created the best design for a research report and animated video. I will use her services and ideas again to communicate future research results.

Bas Agricola, Hogeschooldocent HU

E-learning courses

We build interactive, highly engaging e-learning modules for science education. Not just clicking through some text, but creative interfaces to improve learning!

So far we have created eight e-learning modules for Wageningen University, and another handful about prostate and bladder cancer for the European School for Urology. This overview shows you which topics we tackled, and who is using our work every day of the year, 24 hours a day, all over the world.

“We have been developing interactive e-learning courses for academic education for years. The best thing about cooperating with The Online Scientist is that besides their extensive knowledge on webdesign, they also know what the e-learning is about on a content level, since they have a scientific education of their own.”

Dr. Ir. M.C. Busstra, lecturer and education developer at the Human Nutrition department, Wageningen University

E-learning oplossingen voor Universiteiten en docenten van The Online Scientist

Sensory Science

For a course on Sensory Science we made a module about how sensory research is designed. This module replaces a theoretical lecture.

Quasi-experimental designs

On top of a module on experimental studies, we also created an e-learning course on quasi-experimental study designs.

Experimental designs

For the Master course Exposure Assessment in Nutrition and Health Research we made visible how you set up an experimental study.

Information literacy

For the library of Wageningen University we developed a course on the topic of searching and citing scientific information.

Interactive exercises and quizzes

In the courses we build about bladder and prostate cancer we added many interactive many exercises because that’s the best way to learn.

Presentation design

We wrote an e- book and give workshops on presentation design but we can also help you write an engaging story and design beautiful slides for maximum impact.

(PowerPoint) slide design

A presentation offers you a great opportunity to create impact. To utilize that opportunity, you will have to look beyond the standard bullet points and slides full of numbers. And you have to be willing to adjust your talk to your public: a lecture is not a speech, and both are different from a TED talk. This can be challenging, but we can help you deliver a clear presentation that fits the audience like a glove.

Of course we can also deliver a slide format so that every presentation from your group has the same appearance. When relevant, we incorporate your organization’s identity in it. If you want to get started on your own, you can read all our tips and tricks in our e-book on presentation design.

When professor Daan Kromhout retired, we made his farewell presentation. These are some examples of how we transformed his slides:





PowerPoint template design

For various research projects we developed a PowerPoint presentation template in their own corporate style. Of course we never use bullet-points in our designs! Here are two examples: YPACK and EVICT.

We collaborated with The Online Scientist for a series of presentations for an online event about a scientific innovation project. The collaboration went smoothly and Liesbeth and Stephan were very hands-on and helpful with both the design and content of the presentations. This support was welcomed both by the organisers of the event and the partners preparing the slides. The result was clear and to-the-point slides on a very scientific topic, making the presentations more impactful and their storylines connected throughout the event. We appreciated working with them in preparation for our event and are very pleased with the end result.”

Sophia Rehn, EUFIC


The Online Scientist developed our website for our research product. Working together with Liesbeth came naturally—she is honest, clear, and creative. During the idea development phase, she oftentimes only needed to hear one word and was then able to translate it into amazing content. She is a strategical thinker—able to not only see the big picture but also the small details, always keeping the target population and presentation in mind. Without Liesbeth our project and end design would not even be half of what it ended up being. For us, working with Liesbeth was not a one time experience, we will continue to work with her in the future.

Michelle Carrière, MD, PhD candidate Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand surgery

The strength of Liesbeth and Stephan lies in the fact that they can not only interpret research results, but also know which pitfalls there are for researchers who have tunnel vision ‘and find everything important to present’. They are excellent at contributing ideas to highlight the essence of the research in a clear and attractive manner. Liesbeth works efficiently, she thinks quickly and is also very creative. She makes beautiful visuals in no time at all that you can really shine with, and that support your story as a researcher enormously. I was able to rely on Liesbeth in all steps of the process, so I am grateful to her for our intensive collaboration.

Fiona Veraa, Lecturer & Researcher at AUAS

The Online Scientist created the website for our Horizon 2020 consortium TargetCaRe. In Horizon 2020, dissemination and communication to the public is of major importance, so having a good and attractive website was a priority for us. She managed to translate our ideas into the website and she provided useful suggestions and advice. Liesbeth has a direct and open communication style: she replies very quickly and she helps out with any website-related problem swiftly. We enjoyed working together with Liesbeth and we are happy with the result.

Dr. Marloes de Vries – van Melle, Project manager / research coordinator at Erasmus MC

We wanted a website that would inform both patients and physicians about the NutriProfiel service, and would also process order requests for people that ordered a personal dietary advice. Liesbeth designed a concept version of the website which we together further refined.
We really liked working together with The Online Scientist. Their background in nutrition means that they easily understands the purpose of our project, and their designer skills resulted in a very nice website. They also have the professional network to implement ‘webshop’-like features. Liesbeth is friendly and professional and also helped us to work on our website ourselves. We are very happy with The Online Scientist and we will certainly work with Liesbeth again!

Dr. Michiel Balvers, Researcher, Hospital Gelderse Vallei

Liesbeth is great to work with. She has built a great website, is creative and critical. You get a professional website and corporate identity, which is not 13 in a dozen. I definitely recommend working with Liesbeth.

Michel Vols, Associate professor, University of Groningen

We feel that The Online Scientist was a tremendous help in the making of this attractive website. Stephan provided direction in answering the questions; what is the level of the reader, how do you structure your message and what are the traits of a readable article? Liesbeth made sure the design, content and navigation of the website was complementary to the content.

Prof. dr. ir. Ellen Kampman, Professor Nutrition and Cancer, Wageningen University