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Create professional and clear content

Work with us to design beautiful and clear PowerPoint presentations, posters, videos, animations, infographics and written content, and make sure that people will remember you and your research. You can start yourself by reading our articles and our ebook CAUSE AN EFFECT, containing advice and tips on how to design more effective science presentations.

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Here’s some of what we can write, design and develop for you:


Turn your data into clear visuals

We understand your work, so we can help transform your research into clear, beautiful visuals. Infographics have their own place in science communication because they say more than photos or text by themselves, so use them in your articles, lectures and (poster) presentations, or on your website and social media! You can use infographics for:

  • Data visualisations
  • Clinical trial descriptions
  • Explanatory visuals
  • Scientific processes
  • Contextualising your research


Printed materials to show off(line)

We can also assist you with printed materials like posters, brochures and flyers. Whatever your goal, we will create original designs that stick with your envisioned audience. So next conference, stand out from the white posters with something unique and colourful and get the attention that you want!

  • Conference posters
  • Brochures for clients or patients
  • Flyers explaining your research
  • Outreach materials for fairs


Well-written copy to support your message

A lot of what we do is writing, and while it’s often part of something bigger like a poster or website, we can also just deliver written copy of course. We’re trained in the understanding of difficult topics, and our journalistic experience and approach ensures that we define and clarify your message in the best way. If you want to produce content over a longer extend of time, we can also help you to write user-friendly and understandable texts for the web yourself.

  • Professional texts for websites or print materials
  • Native English and Dutch texts
  • Translations at an academic level
  • Anything from subsidy applications to museum exhibit signs!


Dynamic content to breath life into any topic

Video and animations are very suitable choices to communicate about science; they’re captivating media and a great way to tell good stories and explain difficult topics. Enhance your lectures, website or presentations with a video! It helps your audience understand, and saves you the hassle of preparing it. If you make it shareable, your audiences will be grateful for the outreach – whether they’re journalists, your peers or the general public. Some options:

  • Animations showing your study design or process
  • Layman’s explanation of your results
  • Profile of your lab or company
  • Video interviews with researchers

A selection of our designs

We wrote an ebook to help you make an impact with your presentation

ebook Cause an Effect

A practical guide to designing science presentations that engage & inspire

Cause an effect - e-book - A practical guide to designing science presentations that engage & inspire

Improve your science presentation and stand out from the crowd with the best presentation design at any conference. This practical book – by scientists, for scientists – helps you get rid of slides full of data and present with clarity instead.

  • Develop a clear goal and message that sticks until long after you wrap up
  • Write a story that keeps the audience engaged instead of asleep
  • Design slides that communicate effectively, with PowerPoint, Prezi or any other software
  • Get new presentation ideas for graphs, tables and data slides without chart junk
  • See what we mean by comparing real life examples of good and bad slides
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Start making your content clear with design!

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