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We help you design professional scientific presentations

You can hire us to design your PowerPoint presentations, posters, videos, animations and infographics and make sure that people will remember you and your research. Or read or article series and e-book with advice and tips on how to design more effective science presentations.
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Whether it’s a lecture, an inaugural speech or a TED-talk, we design memorable presentations that are tailored to the right public.


Let us create infographics for your poster, scientific paper, website or social media. They explain difficult concepts better than just photos or text can!


Stand out among endless white posters, and create more attention for your work. We make original designs that stick with the audience.


We can write or translate any text you need to get the core of your message clear. Or we can teach you how to write user-friendly content yourself.


Do right to your blood, sweat and tears that is your PhD, and let us give it the design it deserves! A memorable cover increases its stickiness to desks.


Create a video or animation to enhance any symposium, website, or lecture. Then make it shareable and just wait for your topic to go viral on social media!

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Read our article series with tips on how to improve your presentation and make an impact at any conference!