Price list

For our websites, e-learning modules and presentations

Most of our work is custom and tailored to a certain budget and specific set of needs. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have some standard options you can choose from, or a price indication to help you budget your project.

This list of standardized items will give you an indication of what we do, and at which fee. But we do work towards any budget and don’t shy away from a challenge, so even if your kind of project is not mentioned here, just send us an email and we will make you a custom quote in no time.

The prices mentioned on this page are excluding VAT.

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Choose between our lean and basic website package for researchers on a budget, or talk to us about a custom quote when you need to dazzle the world with your study results.

With a website from The Online Scientist comes the guarantee that you can maintain and update the site yourself. We do offer those services as well of course, so if you want help with updates, maintenance, content or hosting, just let us know! Inquire about the possibilities and configurations via email, or fill out our website optimizer to summarize your needs and wishes.

Website in 1 day

950ex. VAT
  • A unique one-page website
  • Including logo and style
  • We help with the structure and content
  • Perfect for a personal website


3500(starting at)
  • A good start for a unique and custom website including design and a simple logo.
  • Includes two revision rounds to fine-tune the design.
  • We go beyond basics and give advice on how to make your website and research stand out from the crowd.
  • For departments, labs or consortia that want to maximize their impact!


4750(starting at)
  • We will create the website that suits all your demands and wishes.
  • Not just a website, but a unique product with consults on how to promote your research to the public.
  • Including content architecture, interactive features, professionally written texts, and custom designed pages.
  • For larger academic websites that have a wide audience.

Hosting & website maintenance

Above prices do not include costs for a domain name and hosting, which you need for every website. Inquire with us for recommendations or choose from our own hosting options where we are your personal webmaster:

Hosting is available for €80 per month for Managed WordPress hosting. We provide the hosting and maintenance of the website to keep it safe and working properly. We solve all technical issues that may occur quickly. You have one point of contact and there is no additional charge for smaller questions and requests.

For €125 per month you get our Managed WordPress hosting + Support Package. It gives you an additional 1 hour of support each month (at 50% discount), where you get support for all your webdesign needs, maintenance questions, or even custom design needs.


Our services to update or completely redesign your scientific presentation.

If it seems daunting to upgrade your presentation yourself (after reading our e-book Cause an Effect) or if you don’t have the time to find out how your presentation can be improved, why don’t you let us do that for you? Choose between these options to have us professionalize your presentation design.

Quick diagnostics check

50+€2 per slide
  • We analyse your presentation and check for quick wins and opportunities for improvement.
  • You will receive a concise report with our findings and specific recommendations.
  • Includes our e-book Cause an Effect (or get a €10 discount)
  • A quick nudge in the right direction for those who want to work on it themselves.

Custom presentation slide design

20per slide
  • We put our best designer on your presentation (from a minimum of 5 slides).
  • We analyse your presentation and optimise the slides for you according to the best practice.
  • We also advice on how to structure and optimize the content, and include copyright-free images if needed.
  • For busy researchers that want to make an impact with their story.


E-learning development is always custom, but many people ask us for the ‘ballpark prices’ of good e-learning.

We maintain a high standard for our e-learning courses: they are evidence-based and actually improve retention of content. That’s why we usually don’t develop “click-through courses” where you passively go through video and text by the click of a button – e-learning can be so much more! So if you want high-quality courses that engage and inspire students, then contact us to discuss your project, or fill out our e-learning optimizer.

(These prices are based on our own experience with projects, but they are supported by the research of Chapman Alliance and their How Long Does it Take to Create Learning? presentation on SlideShare.)


5,000-10,000per hour of online course
  • Course with content pages, text, simple video, test questions (assessment).
  • E.g. converting a PowerPoint presentation for online use.
  • For quick turnaround courses on a budget.


20,000-30,000per hour of online course
  • Basic e-learning plus 25% interactive exercises and more use of video and animations.
  • E.g. e-learning with interactive exercises and custom feedback.
  • The in-between option.


40,000-50,000per hour of online course
  • Highly interactive course with various exercises (drag and drop, matching, ordering) and custom feedback.
  • E.g. simulations of real-life examples and animations.
  • For complex, evidence-based e-learning courses that need accreditation.

Hourly rates

Our hourly rate is €95. We do prefer to arrive at a fixed price, based on your project – it makes it so much more relaxed to work together!