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We create a lot of things, but don’t get overwhelmed! We help you choose the forms of communication that fit your goals, message and audience best. We always try to come up with more creative ideas to help you out, but never oversell you things you don’t need.


We translate your research into a creative and user-friendly website that has an impact with your envisioned audience – whether that is subsidizers, students, the public or peers.

We craft simple personal pages or complex websites for research consortia with all the features you need. You don’t have to worry about design or tech, because we have enough experience to know exactly what you need.

Scrollytelling campaigns

Do you want to have a real impact? Are you not afraid to get creative and think out-of-the box? We LOVE developing creative campaign websites with interactive storytelling for topics that make the world a better place!

For the Greens/EFA we created an EU campaign around the Digital Services Act. For Bits of Freedom we created their campaign website around online censorship, profiling & dark patterns.


We understand your work, so we can help transform your research into clear, beautiful visuals that attract attention for your topic. Infographics have their own place in science communication because they say more than photos or text by themselves. Use them in your articles, lectures and (poster) presentations, or on your website and social media!

Animated video

If you want to share your work on social media, an animation video is the perfect form for your science communication! Let us help you write a snappy script and create an engaging video about your work. Including a voice-over and sound effects for a professional look and feel. Explain the unique perspective of your study, or share your research results.

Science story carousel

Mini-stories are a compact way to share the results of your research on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. You can click trough the story at your own pace.

These are often combined with an infographic, animated video or social media cards.

Social media cards

Social media is great for communicating your research results, but the attention span is often short. That’s why we create social media cards that are to the point and draw attention to your research.

Presentation design

We give workshops to teach you how to create your own presentations, but of course we can design you a custom presentation design as well. A professional presentation offers you a great opportunity to create impact. We design your slide master in your own style, so you never have presentations full of bullet points and pages of text.

If you want to get started on your own, you can read all our tips and tricks in our e-book on presentation design or even book our workshop on presentation design!

Newsletter design

Do you have a large community? Maybe a newsletter can help you spread the word. We can design a branded e-mail template in the style of your website so you have the same professional look everywhere. We also help you configure the newsletter and create subscribe forms.

Workshops science communication

Invite us to your university, PhD day, conference or summer school and we will inspire you and your colleagues or students to get your message across in more attractive, contemporary and effective ways. We teach you everything you need to know about science communication to create more impact: from defining your message and audience, to engaging the media and making (poster) presentations, infographics and even websites.

Print materials

Whether you want your message in a magazine, or on a bus shelter, we can help design it! We don’t get very excited about creating a Word document for you, but we love to go BIG with your creative ideas.

Writing & editing

Good writing is often hiding in plain sight, and it’s an essential part of good communication! We can help you write or rewrite anything related to outreach within or around science: orations, brochures, websites, interviews, reports, press releases, proposals, scripts, social media posts and even books.

And the beauty of it is, we can help you just as much as you want to, from the whole setup to just the finishing touches.

Science communication advice

Who wouldn’t want to showcase science to a huge audience in a museum or on TV?! Well, we love it and have done it various times. In some cases we were visible ourselves in interviews, but most of the time we operate behind the screens.

We make sure that the presenter or exhibition is up to date with the latest science, but in a way that is suitable for these media. We also connect media to scientific experts, or show scientists how they can work with the media. It’s one of our favorite things to do, so if you need a science consultant or advisor, let us know.

Website hosting

We can take over your hosting and maintenance for you if you don’t want to worry about your website. We host websites for many universities, so you know you’re safe with us.

We have two Managed WordPress hosting packages (with and without extra support) to keep your website safe and working properly. We solve all technical issues that may occur quickly. You have one point of contact and there is no additional charge for smaller questions and requests.

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