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Research websites
to inspire your audience

We translate your research into a creative and user-friendly website that has an impact with your envisioned audience – whether that is funding agencies, students, the public or peers.

Let’s get rid of boring research websites!

Are you ready to stand out with your research?

Do you want to create a beautiful website for your research? Look no further! We can help you create an effective website that people will actually remember. Are you adventurous and not afraid to get pushed out of your comfort zone? Then contact us to create something beautiful.

We craft creative & adventurous websites

The Online Scientist is on a mission to eradicate the world of boring and ineffective science communication. If science is to make the world a better place, we need to go beyond identical ‘blue-colored websites with endless text!’ We don’t compromise on quality and always push the limits of our creativity. That is why we craft creative websites, infographics, animations and texts that are both engaging and informative. Why settle for anything less than unique and inspiring?

To make your research accessible for everyone and easy to understand

Our aim is to make science accessible to anyone. You might think that a boring, dime a dozen website is good enough, but why not put a smile on people’s faces while communicating effectively about your work? We will push you out of your comfort zone in trying to make your research memorable, but it will be worth it!

With an honest and no-nonsense approach

We are honest, transparent and open to feedback, and we expect the same from our clients.

We don’t just execute your orders, but we work as your sparring partner at every stage of the project. By working closely together with you, we can combine all of our expertise to create beautiful products that pack a punch.

We design websites and also take care of the content & tech

We develop complete science websites. This means that we design and build the website towards a specific audience, create the written and visual content, and keep it easy to update once we ‘hand over the keys’. We can also leave certain elements up to you or work closely together to produce content for example, should you elect to do so.

Check out the price list for websites or email us to request a custom quote for your project.

Thanks to The Online Scientist we managed to explain a difficult topic to our audience and create a fun and interactive website. Their creativity and willingness to understand our needs and concerns enabled us to build a website that reflects our visual identity and our goals. I highly recommend her for any of your projects and I hope to work with them on other projects in the future.

Narmine Abou Bakari, campaign officer, the Greens/EFA

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Achieve your science communication goals

We help you to decide on the best way to communicate your message. It all depends on your target audience and what you want to achieve! Whatever medium you choose, our scientific background ensures quick understanding of your topic. This means we save you time while creating a better website that helps you share research, enroll study participants or even show your data in interactive visual tools.

Need more than just a website? We can deliver a full package including the design of a scientific report, a summary, infographic and website, like we did for the Teacher Leadership program of the HvA.

The clear presentation of complex concepts or processes is an art in which Liesbeth and Stephan of The Online Scientist excel. We worked together in three projects and they have succeeded in presenting the results of my research into the teacher leadership in a visually attractive and well-organized way. The report, website and infographics they designed for me helped me get the message out to teachers and school leaders! It has helped me to make my activities and projects more meaningful for daily practice in schools.

Marco Snoek, Lector Learning & Innovation, HvA

Creative campaigns

For Bits of Freedom, the Greens/EFA and research groups

Do you want to have a real impact? Are you not afraid to get creative and think out-of-the box? We LOVE developing creative campaign websites for topics that make the world a better place!

For the Greens/EFA we created an EU campaign around the Digital Services Act. We went all out with a retro design, interactivity & storytelling about online manipulation. Inspired by the design of Windows95.
For Bits of Freedom we created their campaign website around online censorship, profiling & dark patterns called “Korte Cursus Manipulatie”. They were an amazing client and it was so much fun developing this incredibly creative scrollytelling website. We helped them with the concept, storytelling and writing engaging texts as well as create the design and all interactions.

For a group of researchers at Erasmus MC we created an infographic and a scrollytelling website with their story. It’s a national campaign to urge the government to create new legislation to ban smoking in cars when children are present. It resulted in a letter to parliament and ongoing efforts to make this legislation possible.

Based on research from a PhD candidate working on equity in medical school admissions, we created campaign cards to use on social media. She wanted to convince policy makers to take action. We also sponsored a scrollytelling campaign for this important topic.

From first spark to firestorm

Because we’re scientists, we do more than just build the website. We think strategically to help you get your message clear, and make sure you use the right channels and content to reach your audience – all within your budget of course. Here’s a short overview of the different steps we help you with:

We help you to define your message based on your goal and research.

We come up with creative ideas to match your message, your goal and your budget.

We develop a custom, responsive and user-friendly website with a unique design.

We deliver all kinds of content tailored to your audience – or help you to make it yourself.

We build the entire website and arrange hosting and domain, so you don’t have to worry about the technology either.

Interested in a custom website?

Fill out our website questionnaire so we know exactly what you need and can think about ways to improve your communication.

A selection of science websites we developed for
researchers and universities

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