We want to help researchers create better visuals, so we have created an online tool to help you generate your own data visualisation with icons! If you want to show a simple percentage in a presentation, poster or infographic, you can choose your percentage, icons and colors and download a transparent png file.

Some examples

Default colors and icons
Icon visualization with male/female icons and custom colors
Icon visualisation with smileys
Icon visualisation with cookies and apples
Icon visualisation with virus particles
Icon visualization with graduates and doctors

Tool: generate your own icons

Get started! Enter a percentage (out of 100%) and choose your icons and colors. Then update the visualisation and download the transparent png (1000x1000px).

See the Pen Icon visualization by Liesbeth (@TheScientist) on CodePen.

Request other icons

Are you looking for other icons? Let us know! We’re using FontAwesome to generate icons. So find the icon you like in the FontAwesome list send us the name of the icon (liesbeth@theonlinescientist.com) and we’ll add it to the tool for you.

If you want to learn more ways to create beautiful visuals, book our workshop on poster, infographic and graphical abstract design!

About the Author: Liesbeth Smit

Liesbeth combines her knowledge of science communication, technology and design to explain difficult topics to a wide audience. You can use her practical tips immediately in your (poster) presentations to create a bigger impact. She developed dozens of websites, infographics and animated videos, and regularly gives workshops about design at The Online Scientist.

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