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The one-stop-shop for science communication and creating an impact with science.

We still develop websites for scientists, but do so much more! From texts to infographics, e-learning, animated videos, and a full workshop and lecture series. We help you to disseminate the results of your research to the general public or your peers, without losing nuance or validity. Teach your students, convince the funders, inform the public!

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More than just websites

We can help you build a website, an entire academic e-learning course or visualize your data with infographics, interactive scrollytelling, and animated videos. Or take one of our workshops science communication!

Web design & interactive storytelling

We translate your research into a creative and user-friendly website that has an impact with your envisioned audience – whether that is subsidizers, students, the public or peers. You don’t have to worry about design or tech, because we have enough experience to know exactly what you need.

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Workshops science communication

Invite us to your university, PhD day, conference or summer school and we will inspire you and your colleagues or students to get your message across in more attractive, contemporary and effective ways.

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Infographics & video

Work with us to design beautiful and clear infographics, posters, reports, flyers, videos, animations, and PowerPoint presentations from your research paper. We make sure to create modern, innovative and user-friendly designs for any audience.

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We develop online tools for scientists at every career stage

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Do you want your (poster) presentation to get noticed? We help you stand out and get attention for your scientific work.


We turn your classroom lecture into a more effective and engaging interactive e-learning course – that also saves time and money.


Whether you need a website for your own research, your lab or an entire Horizon2020 consortium, we make it happen—no technical knowledge required!

Workshops & lectures on science communication

Invite us to your university, PhD day, conference or summer school and we will inspire you and your colleagues or students to get your message across in more attractive, contemporary and effective ways. We teach you everything you need to know to create more impact: from defining your message and audience, to engaging the media and making (poster) presentations, infographics and even websites.

Basics of Science Communication

By understanding your audience and aligning your message and goal to their needs, you can really get your point across. In this workshop you’ll create a short pitch or article to practice just that.

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Presentation design

Learn all the skills you need to create beautiful science presentations more efficiently. This is a hands-on workshop with both theory and practical PowerPoint tips & tricks.

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Science in the media

Do you want to be more confident around journalists or the media? Or do you want to take advantage of the opportunities that social media offer for scientists? We'll get you started!

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Poster design & graphical abstracts

Do you want people to stop in their tracks and pay attention to your work? Learn how you can use design to get noticed and make your message easier to understand.

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Storytelling for scientists

Are you ready for the next level of writing, and eager to captivate your audience even more? In this workshop you will learn what you need to turn words into a story.

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Impact with science

Do you want to have a positive effect on the world? We'll make you think about your goal, audience, and message and ensure you know what it takes to create impact! Also available as a keynote lecture.

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Design Crash Course

Create beautiful and effective presentations, posters and diagrams with this inspiring lecture. You will learn the best practices in design and get to know the essential design tools.

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Social media

Learn to write engaging and effective social media posts that honors the best-practices in science communication. With examples, tips and inspiration for your next post.

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I really liked the Poster design workshop, it was full of useful advice along with examples and work on our own posters, with a great rhythm ! Thanks for these 3 sessions.”

– PhD Student

The tips and tools provided were super useful. The structure of the workshop was enjoyable and very interactive. So interesting to learn about all the different features and functions of PowerPoint!

– Master student

Blog with science communication tips

Learn how to communicate your research better with websites, presentations & e-learning

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  • When you start thinking about doing science communication, one of the first things to come up is your target audience – in fact, it’s right in the beginning of our Basics of Science Communication workshop! But deciding on that audience can be tricky. In this blog, we’ll discuss the essential question you need to ask [...]

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