Use narrative techniques to talk about your research in a new way

Why do we pay money to go see a movie, while we have to get paid to read journals? Because movies are stories, and stories captivate us! In fact, narratives are a great way for humans to receive and remember information.

Use storytelling to make your science come to life!

In this workshop, you will learn what makes a good story, and start writing your own. We’ll cover topics like perspective, narrator, characters, plots and story arcs, and illustrate the various options with examples. Then you’ll get to practice them to find out what works in which situation.

What you will learn

  • What are stories, and (how) do they differ from the scientific narrative?
  • Elements of a good story: characters, narrator, plot
  • Keeping your audience engaged: add tension or a plot twist
  • How can I use stories to explain my research?

We can give this workshop in the following formats:

Workshop (4 hours)

English or Dutch

Online or in-house

A workshop by
Stephan van Duin, MSc

Stephan has been working with scientists to shape their stories for over a decade. He is able to take position between your research and your audience, and to make you reflect on the steps you need to take to communicate effectively and bridge that gap.

A workshop by Stephan will give you some background theory, but also delves into his experience as science communicator and press officer to show what it can mean for your situation. Of course, you won’t leave his workshops without a lot of practical tips and skills as well!

More about Stephan van Duin

Thank you, Stephan! I particularly liked how you prompted us to approach our pitch from multiple perspectives.

Thanks for the tips for the pitch and storytelling. These are quite useful.

This workshop is flexible!

Do you like this workshop, but are you looking for something slightly different? No problem! We offer our workshops in various configurations. In addition to the 4-hour version, we can give keynotes, interactive lectures or split the workshop in two or three sessions.

We can also combine some workshops to create a full-day program, or fit a narrower time slot by giving a lecture highlighting the most important insights.

Let us know what you are looking for so we can find a solution.

Additions to this workshop

We don't have any add-ons for this workshop yet. Are you looking for something specific? Let us know!

Keynote lecture

In a keynote lecture we inspire large groups of people to do more with science communication. It’s great when you have a large stage and limited time. In our keynotes we use lots of examples and get the public involved.

  • 1 hour

  • Up to 100 participants

  • For PhD days, conferences and symposiums

  • Great for everyone working in academia

Interactive lecture

Book an interactive lecture if you want people to get to know each other better and interact. In these lectures we combine a keynote lecture with one hour of interactive group work. For example to come up with create ways of science communication together. Great to get the conversation going!

  • 2-3 hours

  • Up to 50 participants

  • For entire departments

  • Works well with diverse groups with junior and senior scientists and even managers.


In our workshops we train people to create something based on their own research. For example a compelling pitch, a (poster) presentation a good story (for the media) or a clear design or graphical abstract. Work individually on your project and learn the skills to become a better science communicator.

  • 4 hours

  • Max. 12 participants
  • For students working on their own research pitch, poster, design or infographic

  • Works best for a group that is similar

  • Time for personal feedback and discussion

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