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Invite us to your university (of applied science), institute, PhD day, conference or summer school and we will inspire you and your colleagues or students to get your message across in more attractive, contemporary and effective ways.

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  • For all levels: from PhD students to full professors and from support staff to full-on communicators.

Choose from our science communication workshops

All our workshops are about science communication. However, for each workshop we chose a different focus: strategic thinking about the basic questions, performing a pitch, telling a story, writing a social media post, creating a presentation, or designing a graphical abstract.

IMPACT with science communication

Do you want to have a positive effect on the world? We'll make you think about your goal, audience, and message and ensure you know what it takes to create impact! Also available as a keynote lecture.

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Pitch your science to any audience

By understanding your audience and aligning your message to their needs, you can really get your point across. In this workshop you’ll create a short pitch or article to practice just that.

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Poster design & graphical abstracts

Create beautiful and effective infographics, posters and graphical abstracts. You will learn the best practices in design to make sure your work gets noticed and is easier to understand.

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Science and the media

Do you want to be more confident around journalists or the media? Or do you want to take advantage of the opportunities that social media offer for scientists? We'll get you started!

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Presentation design

Learn all the skills you need to create beautiful science presentations more efficiently. This is a hands-on workshop with both theory and practical PowerPoint tips & tricks.

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Storytelling for scientists

Are you ready to captivate your audience even more? Try storytelling! In this workshop you will learn what you need to turn words into a story.

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Social media

Learn to write engaging and effective social media posts that honors the best-practices in science communication. With examples, tips and inspiration for your next post.

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Create a personal website

Learn everything you need to know about how to create your own personal website. From technical stuff like hosting, to website structure, visibility and design.

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Short interactive workshops

Do you only have an hour to fill, but do you want prefer an interactive workshop with exercises or group work? We’ve created two workshops just for this purpose.

  • How can you improve your online presence? We'll work on creative ways to get you and your expertise into the spotlight.

  • In this workshop we’ll quickly cover the first bases of science communication. It’s a fast paced, highly interactive session that will get you on track by generating a slogan for your research.

We’ve given dozens of workshops and worked with many Universities, hospitals and scientific organisations across Europe:

The success of my poster and my pitch is the result of what I learned in your extraordinary workshop. The outcome was exactly what I wanted. I had a lot of interaction with the public, feedback, questions, many post-it notes, lots of connections in LinkedIn and possibly new collaborations 🤩 also, my supervisors are extremely proud and happy. I couldn’t ask for more! THANK YOU

Viviam Solangeli Bermudez Paiva, PhD Candiate in Computational cancer biology

Our research team enjoyed the IMPACT workshop very much! We learned how we can create more impact with our research by thinking one step further. An interactive workshop with a lot of positive energy!”

Ilgin Arslan, Researcher Healthcare Data

Last week I received the “1st Excellence Poster Award” at the 10th Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference (out of 100 posters!!). I would like to thank you for the help with the work and for planning a great course!

Leonardo Giannini, PhD Candidate Mechanical and Industrial Engineering NTNU

Find a form and flow that fits your time and participants

Multiple-day design sessions

Some of our workshops work best when the workload is spread out over multiple sessions. And perhaps sometimes it suits your schedule better too!

This is good option for our design workshops, when you want more time to work on your design: we can split up a 4-hour workshop into an introductory lecture, homework for the participants, and then a second session for feedback and in-depth learning. This works well for students too.

Combine workshops to your needs

If you have a whole day, it’s also possible to combine workshops into a full-day one. Especially our Basics-Media combination (2 x 3 hours) is popular.

Liesbeth and Stephan inspired me to think better about the communication of my research. I thought it was especially cool to learn how to convey a message in such a way that you can attract attention even with the most complex topics. In the future I will package all my messages in a more creative format.”

– David Oerlemans, student at HAS

I wanted to express my gratitude for the exceptional experience and invaluable knowledge I gained during the recent science communication workshop in Trondheim. The workshop, organised by the Digital Life Norway Research School, truly exceeded my expectations, and I appreciate the opportunity to learn from your experienced team.

– PhD Candidate, NTNU Norway

Words from our workshop participants

As a former teacher, I thought I’d gotten the basics of presenting down- until Liesbeth’s workshop showed me that presenting posters is a whole new ball game. In an engaging and interactive way she managed to keep everyone’s attention (which might be the toughest part of online workshops) and gave us tools and tips on how to improve your work immensely with simple changes. I’ve now gone on to share these tips with friends and coworkers so I would definitely recommend it!

Malu van Schaijk

During Bessensap, an annual event where science meets press, Stephan told a fully booked room about the do’s and don’t of science presentations. With all kinds of beautiful examples, he explained how graphs, photos and other visual support can complement a story, but also can take away from it. I’m sure it has inspired many members of the audience to create their next science presentation in a clear and creative way.

Anouk Broersma, Bessensap

Liesbeth gave a great motivational ‘Impact with research!’ workshop for PhD students. She helped us dare to think bigger and gave us many tips to get started ourselves. Highly recommended!

Dorine Duijsens, PhD student (FWO-SB) at Lab of Food Technology, KULeuven

Liesbeth gave a 2-hour interactive workshop to our PhD students on how to create impact with scientific research. So much was discussed: How do you keep a poster readable? What do you put and especially NOT put on your slides during a presentation? What is the one-liner of your research? Liesbeth presented in a very spontaneous and open manner, and inspired us to get more out of science. Our participants were excited to put what we learned into practice.

Famke Mölenberg, PhD candidate in Social Epidemiology, department of Public Health at Erasmus MC

Workshop content design The Online Scientist


We each have 12+ years in science communication, writing, and design and love to share our expertise with your audience.

Headshot Liesbeth Smit Wetenschapscommunicatie The Online Scientist

Liesbeth Smit

Liesbeth is the creative force behind The Online Scientist. She is on a mission to make science sexy and find creative ways for researchers to communicate their work. Since stepping away from her PhD in nutrition science in 2012, she has created dozens of websites, infographics and explainer videos.

With a workshop from Liesbeth you’re guaranteed to stay awake and pay attention. She has trained thousands of researchers in all fields to create killer presentations, posters and graphical abstracts. Her goal is to create memorable forms of science communication that grab attention and make an impact.

Stephan van Duin Wetenschapscommunicatie The Online Scientist

Stephan van Duin

Stephan built a diverse portfolio in science communication over the years. After starting as a science journalist, he wrote books, appeared in the media, created TV-shows and museum exhibitions and brought science to festivals and the media. His experience as science press officer also means he knows the academic environment.

All this combines into an improvisation skill that will help anyone in one of his workshops – it’s hard to find a better sparring partner for science communication than Stephan.

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Science communication is the key to a better relationship between science and society.

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Liesbeth & Stephan

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