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Workshops & lectures on science communication

Our workshops series

Invite us to your university, PhD day, conference or summer school and we will inspire you and your colleagues or students to get your message across in more attractive, contemporary and effective ways.

We teach you everything you need to know to create more impact: from defining your message and audience, to engaging the media and making (poster) presentations, infographics and even websites.

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Basics of Science Communication

Learn how to engage your audience effectively

By understanding your audience and aligning your message and goal to their needs, you can really get your point across. In this workshop you’ll create a short pitch or article to practice just that.

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Presentation design

Avoid the PowerPoint traps and visualize your message

Learn all the skills you need to create beautiful science presentations more efficiently. This is a hands-on workshop with both theory and practical PowerPoint tips & tricks.

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Science in the media

How to engage (social) media with confidence

Do you want to be more confident around journalists or the media? Or do you want to take advantage of the opportunities that social media offer for scientists? We'll get you started!

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Poster design & graphical abstracts

How to communicate your research visually

Do you want people to stop in their tracks and pay attention to your work? Learn how you can use design to get noticed and make your message easier to understand.

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Storytelling for scientists

Use narrative techniques to talk about your research in a new way

Are you ready for the next level of writing, and eager to captivate your audience even more? In this workshop you will learn what you need to turn words into a story.

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Impact with science

Step into the shoes of your audience to communicate better

Do you want to have a positive effect on the world? We'll make you think about your goal, audience, and message and ensure you know what it takes to create impact!

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I really liked the Poster design workshop, it was full of useful advice along with examples and work on our own posters, with a great rhythm ! Thanks for these 3 sessions.”

– PhD Student

The tips and tools provided were super useful. The structure of the workshop was enjoyable and very interactive. So interesting to learn about all the different features and functions of PowerPoint!

– Master student

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50 minutes

English / Dutch

Impact with science presentation

Inspire your students and staff to communicate better!

This is a roller coaster ride of a presentation, briefly covering all aspects of science communication and how they contribute to your impact as a scientist: message, goal, design, audience, media and websites.

We love it when scientists go out into the (online) world and engage their audience. During this presentation we showcase the value of a clear message, how to use social media, and how to design their content so it’s more appealing.

Using tips from our book, practical examples and real-life case studies we’ll stimulate you to get more out of your work too!

Liesbeth and Stephan inspired me to think better about the communication of my research. I thought it was especially cool to learn how to convey a message in such a way that you can attract attention even with the most complex topics. In the future I will package all my messages in a more creative format.”

– David Oerlemans, student at HAS

Our workshops are flexible!

Do you like our workshops, but are you looking for something slightly different? No problem! We offer our workshops in various configurations. In addition to the standard 3 to 4-hour version, we can split the workshop in two or three parts. This gives participants enough time to apply the theory to their own projects – and to receive feedback. We have noticed that this setup works very well with students. Alternatively, we can combine some of the workshops for a full-day program, or fit a narrower time slot by giving a lecture highlighting the main points.

Tweak the workshop to your needs

We can also shift the focus of the workshop slightly, by using our ‘add-ons.’ For instance, we can direct our ‘Basics of Science Communication’ workshop towards writing for the web, specifically. Let us know what you are looking for, and we can find a solution.

As a former teacher, I thought I’d gotten the basics of presenting down- until Liesbeth’s workshop showed me that presenting posters is a whole new ball game. In an engaging and interactive way she managed to keep everyone’s attention (which might be the toughest part of online workshops) and gave us tools and tips on how to improve your work immensely with simple changes. I’ve now gone on to share these tips with friends and coworkers so I would definitely recommend it!

-Malu van Schaijk

During ‘Bessensap’, an annual event where science meets press, Stephan told a fully booked room about the do’s and don’t of science presentations. With all kinds of beautiful examples, he explained how graphs, photos and other visual support can complement a story, but also can take away from it. I’m sure it has inspired many members of the audience to create their next science presentation in a clear and creative way.

-Anouk Broersma, Bessensap

Liesbeth gave a 2-hour interactive workshop to our PhD students on how to create impact with scientific research. So much was discussed: How do you keep a poster readable? What do you put and especially NOT put on your slides during a presentation? What is the one-liner of your research? Liesbeth presented in a very spontaneous and open manner, and inspired us to get more out of science. Our participants were excited to put what we learned into practice.

– Famke Mölenberg, PhD candidate in Social Epidemiology, department of Public Health at Erasmus MC

Workshop content design The Online Scientist

Training for Team Science

We support the ‘Recognition & Rewards’ and ‘Team Science’ movements. In these developments, there is an increasing interest in science communication, as well as a drive to recognize and develop those skills in the researchers. Therefore, we are also available for longer term training in science communication.

Your in-house science communicator

When we work with your department, we can give workshops, but can also give hands-on training, weekly assistance, and the development of materials for your team to work with. If you really want to change your department or research group, let us work with a small, enthusiastic team and bring your science communication to the next level!


We are also available to talk about our own respective expertise, and have done so on many occasions and in various media. Contact us if you want a talk on Nutrition & Health or Biology!

I’ve never seen a more beautiful presentation than the presentation by Liesbeth. She has a talent for design, and she knows how to make beautiful, clear and powerful slides. In addition, Liesbeth is a top performer in the field of presentation. She speaks enthusiastically about her expertise. She gives lots of examples, clear advice and knows how to present complex matters in an attractive way.

Marloes Ten Kate, presentation coach

Headshot Liesbeth Smit Wetenschapscommunicatie The Online Scientist

Liesbeth Smit

With a talk from Liesbeth, you’re guaranteed to stay awake and pay attention. She literally wrote the book on how to make great presentations. With her experience with science communication and design, she loves to inspire people to get more out of their research.

Liesbeth uses design to makes even the most complicated topics easy to understand.

Whether it’s a class of schoolchildren or a room full of CEO’s, Liesbeth is an energetic speaker that will leave you with something to think about.

Stephan van Duin Wetenschapscommunicatie The Online Scientist

Stephan van Duin

If you want a good story, Stephan is your go-to guy. Besides co-authoring the book on presentations, he wrote three other books, created a collection of TV-shows and museum exhibitions and brought science to festivals and media. Knowing how to tell your story is at the basis of all these things, so he is always eager to teach you how to do that!

Because of his curiosity, he just loves to talk to and learn from scientists, so the best thing you can do is invite him over for coffee and talk shop.

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Science communication is the key to a better relationship between science and society.

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