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Invite us to your university, PhD day, conference or symposium and we will inspire researchers on how to get their message across. Choose from one of our workshops below or discuss your needs with us for a custom training or keynote.

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How to create a great scientific presentation

Based on the contents of our e-book Cause an Effect, we developed a workshop and a presentation with practical tips on how to improve your narrative and slide design so that your next presentation is clear and memorable.

During ‘Bessensap’, an annual event where science meets press, Stephan told a fully booked room about the do’s and don’t of science presentations. With all kinds of beautiful examples, he explained how graphs, photos and other visual support can complement a story, but also can take away from it. I’m sure it has inspired many members of the audience to create their next science presentation in a clear and creative way.

Anouk Broersma, Bessensap

Keynote presentation impact science communication

Very useful and interactive workshop. Writing my research down in a single sentence was a really cool exercise.

– PhD student


IMPACT with science

We love it when scientists go out into the (online) world and reach their audience. With this workshop we help them how to get their message clear, how to use social media, and how to design their content so it’s more appealing.

With tips from our book, case studies from real life projects and practical examples we inspire you to get more out of your work!

Liesbeth gave a 2-hour interactive workshop to our PhD students on how to create impact with scientific research. So much was discussed: How do you keep a poster readable? What do you put and especially NOT put on your slides during a presentation? What is the one-liner of your research? Liesbeth presented in a very spontaneous and open manner, and inspired us to get more out of science. Our participants were excited to put what we learned into practice.

Famke Mölenberg, PhD candidate in Social Epidemiology,
department of Public Health at Erasmus MC


Content design

Perfect for scientists who want to start publishing their own content.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a writer, researcher or science journalist – when you present your or anyone else’s research, it’s important to think about how you do it! This goes for poster presentations as much as online articles, websites or social media. In this workshop, you will learn how to structure your content, write better headings, and increase understanding of your message.

I think Liesbeth’s superpower is that she helps you think beyond the cliches. She helps you explain complex problems in such a way that you think ‘Wow. That was easy, why didn’t I think of this myself?’ She understands the web as a medium AND is able to quickly understand your research work or business. That is a rare combination.

Paul van Buuren,
Content strategy

Workshop content design The Online Scientist

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We think science communication is key to a better relationship between science and society. So if you want to have us talk about this or any related subject, get in touch! Email us at and we can develop a custom talk for your event.

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Science communication is key to a better relationship between science and society.


We are also available to talk about our own respective expertise, and have done so on many occasions and in various media. Contact us if you want a talk on Nutrition & Health or Biology!

I’ve never seen a more beautiful presentation than the presentation by Liesbeth. She has a talent for design, and she knows how to make beautiful, clear and powerful slides. In addition, Liesbeth is a top performer in the field of presentation. She speaks enthusiastically about her expertise. She gives lots of examples, clear advice and knows how to present complex matters in an attractive way.

Marloes Ten Kate, presentation coach

Headshot Liesbeth Smit Wetenschapscommunicatie The Online Scientist

Liesbeth Smit

Design & nutrition science

With a talk from Liesbeth, you’re guaranteed to stay awake and pay attention. She literally wrote the book on how to make great presentations. With her experience with science communication and design, she loves to inspire people to get more out of their research.

Liesbeth uses design to makes even the most complicated topics easy to understand.

Whether it’s a class of schoolchildren or a room full of CEO’s, Liesbeth is an energetic speaker that will leave you with something to think about.

Stephan van Duin Wetenschapscommunicatie The Online Scientist

Stephan van Duin

Evolutionary Biologist

My education in evolutionary biology gave me a broad perspective on life, and I love to talk about it and inspire audiences using nature as a guide. Besides my specialization in (evolutionary/reproductive) biology and science, I have built a considerable expertise in remote working, and as it is one of the work ethics of the future, I want to spread the word about that too.
I’m a registered speaker at Speaker’s Academy, with topics ranging from remote working to evolutionary biology for businesses. If you are Dutch, please see my profile at their website.
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Cause an Effect

A practical guide to designing science presentations that engage & inspire

Cause an effect - e-book - A practical guide to designing science presentations that engage & inspire

Improve your science presentation and stand out from the crowd with the best presentation design at any conference. This practical book – by scientists, for scientists – helps you get rid of slides full of data and present with clarity instead.

  • Develop a clear goal and message that sticks until long after you wrap up
  • Write a story that keeps the audience engaged instead of asleep
  • Design slides that communicate effectively, with PowerPoint, Prezi or any other software
  • Get new presentation ideas for graphs, tables and data slides without chart junk
  • See what we mean by comparing real life examples of good and bad slides
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